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4 Skills to Learn for 2021

With the start of summer right around the corner, students definitely have more leisure time that they can utilize wisely and efficiently. So, why not pick up a new skill of your interest? Individuals can easily develop new skills by simply dedicating just an hour of their day throughout the week. Based off the recent popularity in certain skills due to their high demand in the workplace, here are 4 skills to consider adopting in order to thrive in 2021.

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May the Fourth Be with You

Today, May 4, 2021 is Star Wars Day! The unofficial holiday celebrated by Star Wars fan across the globe to commemorate the George Lucas films.  May the fourth be with you, is a pun popularized by the Star Wars saying, “may the force be with you.” However, some fans recognize May 25, as Star Wars day, as this is the date the first Star Wars movies premiered back in 1977. Here are some fun facts about May the Fourth and Star Wars Day.

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