Business Program Production Flow

Phase 1: Research

Before introducing a new program to our development pipeline months of scrupulous research is conducted by our team of analysts.  Virtual Learning has discovered from competitor analysis that current e-learning strategies aim to saturate websites with information from a wide range of competencies. 

Phase 2: Program Value Criteria

VL’s research is not geared toward strategies to obtain the most educational material about a broad topic but rather pinpoint the next essential occupation in the workforce across the country.  VL’s goal is not to provide vocational training simply for the sake of revenue.

Program Value Criteria (PVC)

  • Essentiality
  • Supports Business Labor Force
  • High Job Prospects

Phase 3: Talent Acquisition

After ensuring the program aligns with VL’s PVC and standard risk analysis then the next phase is acquiring the expertise. VL prides itself on the human capital that is involved in our program development. We ensure that our team involved in the examination of our programs have over 10+ years of industry experience. 

Phase 4: Content Development

Once the team is assembled they are briefed on their tasks (based on skillset) and timetables as to when they will be active in the development process. This is to ensure efficiency in program development for quicker turn arounds and effectiveness in capital spending.

Phase 5: Stress Test Program Content

Next is the stress test.  We send the completed content of the program to our team, and have them analyze the material in its entirety.  We have them pick it apart with the following questions in mind:

Phase 6: Tech Integration

The final stage of VL’s Program Production Flow is the integration of technology.  Once the content of the program is fine-tuned, and feedback is received from our expert team about how technology can help take the program further we begin to involve our tech team.  We see how such technologies like blockchains or XR can help provide our platform’s users the level of education we strive for.

“Future is Technology + Education.
Nothing Else, Nothing More.
Access Anytime, Anywhere.
virtual learning is the key to that future.”