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User Guide: CHHA Final Exam Best Practices

  1. Use a Private Window

    Exams should be taken in a private browsing window such as Incognito on Google Chrome or InPrivate on Microsoft Edge. This prevents any issues that could arise due to caching or browser extensions that may interfere with the exam process.

    Private browsing windows can be found by right-clicking browser icon as shown below:

    Microsoft Edge Menu – Choose InPrivate
    Google Chrome Menu – Choose Incognito
  2. Language Selection

    If a student needs to take the exam in a language other than English, the language must be selected before starting the exam.

    Once a language is selected and the student has started the exam, the language can no longer be changed.

    Language selector is shown below:

    Language Selector is on the bottom-left corner of the Final Exam Lesson page
  3. Exam Navigation

    The exam itself has a timer at the top that counts down from the maximum alotted time for the exam. In the example the exam has a 2 hour time-limit.

    Below the timer there is a grid that shows each question. As questions are answered, each associated square will be highlighted. There is also an option for students to mark a question for review in case they’d like to come back to it later.

    The next area shows the students current progression point out of the total number of questions. Below that will be the current question followed by multiple choice answers. Once a question is answered, students can click the next button.

    An overview of the exam screen