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Group Management

There are courses or a group of courses that offer group management privileges.  When a user has been designated as a Group Leader, they gain access to certain capabilities. This gives the Group Leader the ability to run reports and communicate with the users in their group(s).

Group Management Page

Group Leaders access Group Management capabilities when they log into their account.

Alternatively, they can also click on the “Group Management” tab at the top right of the website.

Upon logging in or clicking the tab, Group Leaders will see the group management page.

Adding Users

You can enroll students to your group by clicking the “Users” tab on the group management page. Here you have 3 ways to add students, either one at a time, multiple, or bulk uploading with a CSV file. A sample is provided to help you with formatting the file.

Emailing Users
Using the same “Users” tab, you can send a bulk email to all of your students. You can also filter which students to email according to their enrollment status as seen below.
 If you need to email a particular student you can do so by clicking on their email address in the list of available students.