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How does Virtual Learning Work?

We believe that education can inspire and motivate. Education is an investment that pays the best in interest. While there are other platforms available, what makes Virtual Learning unique is its accessibility, convenience, forward-thinking, and its simplicity.  We don’t only want to be another educational platform.  

Our mission is to be the 

Virtual Learning’s mission is to give everyone have access to education.  We want to make your access to education easy whether for yourself or as an organization. Our purpose is to help people enhance their reach on our evolving platform. You can ascend your skills from leading universities, virtual classrooms, corporations, and more. Learn from industry-leading experts with future-minded teaching methods.

What do Virtual Learning courses include?

Virtual Learning courses include state and nationally-approved training such as our NJ Certified Home Health Aide course which is hosted through our platform.  Furthermore, instructors add created and managed courses.   It’s a blend and combination of instructor-based courses. These courses may consist of the following:

  • Videos
  • Slides
  • Text
  • PDF Files
  • Interactions 

How do I take a Virtual Learning course? 

Virtual Learning courses are open enrollment.  This means you can begin a course whenever you like and there are no deadlines to complete it.  Virtual Learning courses can be accessed from several different devices and platforms including a desktop, laptop, and mobile.

After enrolling in a course, you can access the course by clicking on the course link that you will receive in your confirmation email (please check your spam or junk folder.)  Upon registration, users will be auto-logged into their accounts to access their courses.  You can find your courses under “My Courses.”  The moment you are logged in you can begin your course.  

There are course packages for businesses.  For courses that are state and nationwide approved, you may need to go through our vendors to purchase and take the course.