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Home Health Aide Training Program

Program Description

Expand your knowledge to better your services and expand your career as a CHHA. This course will teach you about Blood Bourne Pathogens and Needle Stick Safety. It will also help you understand the importance of recognition of Child and Elderly Abuse, Neglect, and Domestic Violence and how to deal with these situations.

This course also points out main aspects of Employee Safety as well as Back Safety which is a very important topic in today’s world. The last lecture of this course introduces the topic of Pain Management and its various aspects.

Key Concepts

  • Child, Elderly Abuse, Neglect and Domestic Violence
  • Employee Safety
  • Pain Management

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Program Content

Lesson 1: Introduction to Health Care Settings

Lesson 2: The roles and Responsibilities of Unlicensed Assistive Personnel

Lesson 3: Legal and Ethical Considerations

Lesson 4: Cultural Diversity and Communicating with Others

Lesson 5: Basic Human Needs

Lesson 6: Environmental Safety

Lesson 7: Personal Safety

Lesson 8: Natural Disasters

Lesson 9: Medical Emergencies

Lesson 10: Infection Control and Standard Precautions

Lesson 11: Body Mechanics

Lesson 12: The Human Body and Systems

Lesson 13: Nutrition

Lesson 14: Medications and Technology in Home Care

Lesson 15: Rest and Sleep

Lesson 16: Death and Dying

Lesson 17: Infant and Child Care

Lesson 18: Home Care Agency Roles and Responsibilities Instructor Led In orientation

Lesson 19: Statutes And Regulations

Governing CHHA Practice

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