Virtual Learning - New Program Identified

The ELDT- Commercial Driving License Program has been confirmed as the next program to join VL’s program list.


Virtual Learning, is a company within the training industry that is built to become a leader within the space.  By focusing on workforce trends, labor reports, technological advancements, renewable energy developments, and societal changes we look to position ourselves ahead of labor demands to help supply training to businesses before the portents of labor shortages.

Virtual Learning is thrilled to announce the development of its newest program, ELDT- Commercial Driving License Program. Virtual Learning has been meticulously researching to find our next program.  VL has noticed the increasing demand of CDL drivers, and the increasing job prospects within the industry.  In 2021 there was an all-time high of 80,000 open positions in the United States.  This shortage is putting a constraint on the global supply chain and more pressure on businesses to deliver. 

Program Release Date:

  • TBA

About Virtual Learning, LLC.

Virtual Learning’s mission is to provide forward-looking services to provide support to businesses.  By moving with the shifts in the labor market Virtual Learning aims to provide the vocational training needed for the labor demands of tomorrow. 

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