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Tips for a Good Resume

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Walking in with confidence, maintaining eye contact, speaking clearly – these are all essential when going in for job interviews. However, these are all meaningless if you can’t land an interview in the first place, which will happen if you have a bad resume. Having a solid resume will make a good first impression for potential employers and make them consider hiring you, so here are some tips for making sure your resume is ready!

Keep it Reverse Chronological

List your most recent experience first, and then work your way down to your oldest jobs/projects. Focus on listing your past jobs in order over writing about your skills; instead, mention the skills you practiced and learned when you mention past experience.

Make Your Contact Information Noticeable

Your name and contact information should go at the top of your resume, and they should be in bigger font than the rest of the resume. Make employers notice and remember your name!

Use Numbers

It’s impressive when candidates have facts, figures, and data to support what they’re saying on their resume. Even if you don’t have these, using numbers to quantify your accomplishments looks good, like describing the number of people impacted by your work.

Make it One Page

Employers are busy and have a lot of resumes to look through, so they’re not going to want to spend time looking at a resume that’s more than one page long. You should fit all your necessary information into one page maximum!

Don’t Put Everything On There

You do not need to put every single past experience on your resume; rather, put the most recent and relevant experience. This will help keep your resume short and also show potential employers that you have relevant skills for the job you’re applying for.

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