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Why Didn’t I Learn How Krispy Kreme Started? More Learning. Less Filler Please.

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This title may be strange. Why didn’t I learn about how a multi-million dollar business like Krispy Kreme started? I wish someone mentioned to me that there was a way to escape the debt crisis. I hoped for a day a platform or more colleges/universities would opt-in to provide their best courses that were straight to the point.

There is no argument that education is necessary. It’s what allows everyone the same opportunity to do better. $100,000 dollars in debt is not the best way to start though. There have to be other options. It is possible you may have heard about the student loan crisis. In today’s society, kids are being set up for failure because they are not provided with the picture. While getting a four-year degree may have made sense ten years ago, it is not the only choice today.

There are new educational programs and platforms being set up to give learners across the globe a chance at doing more. What if you could spend less time in school and more time finding the right courses?

Stop Filler Classes

When I went to University, I enjoyed my experienced. The one downside is I disliked the filler courses I had to take especially the ones that had nothing to do with my major. There are more colleges and universities showcasing their best courses on other platforms. These courses introduce students to the subject they are interested in. We need more of this! Time is the most precious commodity. Classes that are convenient, straight the point, and provide knowledge are the best way to get through to younger generations. If we spend less time in teaching subjects that aren’t related to a person’s interest, then more time can be spent on educating them on their interest and improving their chances at excelling.

Krispy Kreme and Entrepreneurship

I promise there was a reason for my crazy title. Krispy Kreme generated 518.7 million dollars last year.

I had no idea what starting a business was truly like until I started working. I dug and researched how businesses, such as Amazon or Krispy Kreme donuts, started. This is because I never learned it in school. It is one of those arts that are talked about, yet no one spends the time to truly understand it. We are not all made to be CEOs or start our own businesses. However, how can we possibly know that if we haven’t been taught it? Schools should encourage entrepreneurship. The best innovations of the 20th century were based on entrepreneurship. This is a skill that is becoming less recognized in schools but discovered more online.

Learning Needs to be Useful and Skill Based

The purpose of learning is that it needs to be useful. If it doesn’t lead to something better, what is the point? Realistically, the best courses I took at universities were the ones who taught me something I could use out in the real world. After taking my Masters in Marketing, I realize that my learning had to concentrate on useful things that would improve my skills and help me be competitive.

Will there be a platform that promotes education that is useful and skill based? Yes! I 100% believe that there is a platform like that in Virtual Learning. Virtual Learning become a place where less time wasted and more time is focused on learning that genuinely matters. There are millions of businesses offering training courses that could be critical to people out there looking for something new.

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