Virtual Learning HHA Program Launch

Virtual Learning’s (VL) Home Health Aide Program is ready for launch.


Virtual Learning is a company within the training industry that is built to become a leader within the space.  By focusing on workforce trends, labor reports, technological advancements, renewable energy developments, and societal changes we look to position ourselves ahead of labor demands to help supply training to businesses before the portents of labor shortages.

Virtual Learning is thrilled to announce the launch of its first program, Home Health Aide Program. Virtual Learning has been hard at work to bring you this program.  VL was able to know early on that the Home Care Industry was a great place to execute VL’s mission. The Home Care Industry has been booming, and the demand for labor has been rising.  However, the labor force population of Home Health Aides significantly lagged behind demand.  Due to this businesses were struggling to fill patients needs.  VL aims to support both businesses and patients with this program. 

Program Release Date:

  • March 22nd, 2021

About Virtual Learning, LLC.

Virtual Learning’s mission is to provide forward-looking services to provide support to businesses. By moving with the shifts in the labor market Virtual Learning aims to provide the vocational training needed for the labor demands of tomorrow. 

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